Right, back to it then.

I started a blog! I have no idea what I am doing. I am just clicking and typing and spell checking my little cold heart out! People have told me I need to start writing about my life and adventures, or MisAdventures as I call them, for a while. Recently, I was asked to write a blog post for an amazing product called Stowey Joey. I have been thinking about what to say for weeks!! It’s such an amazing product, I need to give it the big ol’ college try. However, if you’ve read the previous post you know that it might take a hot minute to make it actually worthy of a public forum.

Earlier this month, we moved from Charleston, South Carolina. If you’ve never been, I suggest you don’t go. You’ll fall in love with the live oak trees that line streets and the magnolia trees that are older than the country.  Between the beauty and the history, you’ll want to move there immediately and the traffic is already gross. Anyway, the man with a plan and I bought our first house together last fall. We quickly built up quite a village on our little James Island. Our community back there hasn’t realized that it’s 2017 and you aren’t supposed to know your neighbors, invite yourselves over whenever you feel the need to chat, or grab or drop off extra kids to go run errands. The love we left was heartbreaking and encouraging all at the same time. More requests for a blog in order to keep up with us were requested. I mean, I say us meaning the family but we all know that it was the kids. They’re hilarious, adorable, and complete pains in the ass.

The move out here was what I like to call a mis-adventure, full of what can only be described as a laugh so you don’t cry kinda situation. More on that later…..

So, here we are. Only sorta kinda moved into a new house, in a new city, in a new state. So far, Austin, Texas has been… hot. We’ve joined the local library and the YMCA. I’ve never lived in a city with a Y and I think it’s quite exciting. Yes, I know, I find way too many things exciting which most people would believe to be normal existing but whatever. This a judgement free zone! Which also happens to be how the YMCA is! I started swimming again as a form of exercise, trust me, a whole lot of *that* is coming later too.

Right, again, so anyway, we joined the Y. I met a mom there trying to survive the 100 plus degree weather and let my guts spill a bit about how sad and lonely the new city is. She seemed shocked and then quickly reminded me, it’s over 100 degrees outside! Of course we haven’t seen kids out playing. Of course the neighbors haven’t come over to introduce themselves and invite themselves in for an evening cocktail, or as some moms do it, a 3:00pm cocktail. Again, no judgement zone. I left feeling a little silly for not putting it together and definitely encouraged by the whole conversation.

As fate would have it, when we got home, our next door neighbor came over to introduce herself and bring flowers! Since then, I have forced quick introductions with other neighbors in our cul-de-sac when they try to run in to their safe haven of air-conditioned homes from their AC cars. With every introduction, I have told them that I am going to plan a cul-de-sac party because we are all going to be the best of friends! Once I explain that I want to do it in the fall, once the sun leaves the surface of the Texas, and reassure them that it will not be on a football Saturday, the fear quickly leaves their eyes. Sometimes slowly leaves but in any case, leaves. There is no way that we don’t build the same type of loving community here!

But right, starting a blog. How hard can it be??

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