Ok, let’s get to it. For real this time, I think.

Anyway, I started a blog.

I still don’t know what I am doing. I am still falling into the darkness that is Google and Pinterest.

One thing has been unanimously established by all my Googling and Pinning is that you must have a focus. A purpose. A meaning for your blog. All the successful writers and blog posts about blogging have been very clear, you should be an expert in your blog topic. Well, clearly, that’s a problem.

I’m not an expert. In anything. I don’t feel the desire to become a master of anything. While I have had what some would consider a difficult past, my life is generally easy. The problems I face would be described as, first world problems.

I lose my keys. I drive my husband completely crazy, especially when it comes to buy a new car, more on that later! I yell at my kids. Sometimes, I forget to charge my phone. Not all grocery stores carry my favorite type of green tea. The worst is when I go to a store for one single item and walk out $50 later with everything BUT the one item I went to get.

See, first world problems. Definitely, not an expert.

I would say I’m proficient, good at somethings, even great in some! Never an expert.

I know a few experts. My best friend holds a PhD in analytical chemistry. I can’t even spell analytical chemistry without spell check! The Man with a Plan can pull data and make strategic reports that can change entire sales processes. My father can fix anything, I mean, anything. My brother is an engineer. My sister holds a couple of degrees and teaches middle school, which makes her an expert or just a crazy person cause let’s face it, middle school preteen aged humans are weird. Just weird.

It’s not just the well-educated experts I know. My cousin is a strong possibility to become an Olympian. My mother in law is nationally ranked in dog agility. A family friend has the ability to any situation into a fun adventure and keep a positive attitude.

I’m an expert in surrounding myself with the best people, that’s for certain.

If we use the definition of expert loosely, and I mean extra extremely loosely, I could be an expert in a few things. Let’s start with the obvious, I’m an expert of distraction. I can bounce from subject to subject, holding many unrelated thoughts and conversations all at the same time. I credit my children for this skill. I only have two but somehow they manage to sound like 15 children who all need something at the same time.


I’m great at going with the flow, figuring it out on the fly. I think years in the restaurant world has taught me that, no matter what happens, what stress you’re currently facing, the end of the night, you close and lock the doors. You’re done. You can’t go back and change anything that happened. You learn from the mistakes, turn off the lights, and go home. If there’s a problem that needs to be fixed, it’ll get fixed. If it doesn’t, the world doesn’t stop. People keep on keepin’ on. Downside is, I never have a plan, I misplace things, I change my mind way too often. That is, if I ever make up my mind to begin with. The world could be collapsing but hey, that’s ok. We will figure something out!



Rest assured, this blog will not be helpful. I am not an expert. This is not the place on how to be the best wife, mother, or human being in general. Not a good place to look if you’re looking for ways to craft your kids through summer. Far from anywhere near how to organize your whole house in 784 easy steps. What I can provide is a little distraction from the craziness that is life, a little escape. I can share my what I call my “adventures” even though, they should probably be called misadventures. If you and your kids are safe, and happy some of the time, that’s what I call a win! There’s no judgement here, A safe space.

Unless you wear socks and flop flops. Then, there will be judgement and I will direct it straight at you. I don’t like to judge people behind their backs.

That’s just rude.

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