When you have a baby, your home turns into a small baby equipment store. You get everything you think you’ll need: swings, bouncers, rattles, high chairs, bottles, pack-n-plays, baby gates, and if you’re really lucky, a Stowey Joey

Stowey Joey is a playmat that cinches up into a bag. It’s awesome, your little one lies on it playing, practicing belly time or whatever it is babies do these days. Then when they’re done, you throw all the little rattles, blocks, stuffed animals and all the other toys all over the living room that are must haves when you have your first. You can hang it in a closet somewhere and no one can even tell that you have a baby, except for all the other equipment and you know, the actual baby.

Then the day comes, they start rolling over, crawling and walking. It’s happened, they’re mobile! They are non-stop, which means, you’re non-stop. Slowly but surely, the equipment that costs hundreds of dollars starts to get removed. Here’s a free tip from a regular hot mess mom, KEEP THE STOWEY JOEY!!!!!!!! It’s saved me more than once.

As the kids grew, so did our needs. Our Stowey Joey moved from the closet full of adorable squishy baby toys to the back of my car. If it’s not in the back of my car, it’s in the washing machine. My sister and I always joke that our cars have turned into mobile locker rooms. Depending on the season, you’ll find baseball bats, lacrosse sticks, soccer cleats, multiple balls, water bottles, big spray, sunblock, both spray and lotion, countless snacks, socks, skin guards, helmets, and ALWAYS a Stowey Joey.

It’s perfect, we arrive at the fields, open the door of our mobile locker room, and load up. We throw everything we will need, grab the pulls and walk away.



Like how he’s dragging it through the mud? Doesn’t matter, it’s waterproof. I simply open it up, flatten it out and sit on my nice clean, DRY, blanket. All our snack, toys, water, keys, bug spray, and whatever else we need is right there ready to go. Once the game is over, we throw everything back in the middle of our blanket, grab the pulls, and BOOM walk away. That’s it. It gets dragged to the back to the car, thrown in the back, and head back home. Where our dirty, sticky Stowey Joey has a fabulous date with the washing machine!

I’ve also used it to bring in all the groceries in one trip.


My favorite thing about my Stowey Joey is when I find another way to use it!

Forgot every single towel you set by the front door so you don’t forget the towels? Stowey Joey to the rescue!

Curb jump out of no where and bite your car tire? Not a problem, throw the Stowey Joey on the ground for a tire changing station!

Forget all your toddler’s entertainment? No worries, grab the Stowey Joey YOU CAN COLOR ON and call it a win!

It starts pouring rain and you don’t have an umbrella? Stowey Joey is waterproof!

Naturally, these are all hypothetical situations. Obviously, I would NEVER need to use it like that but, it’s easy to see how a busy mom could.

I can’t wait to see how Stowey Joey saves me when my kids become teenagers!

Click here to get your Stowey Joey

Then, start sharing how you use yours! Click the links below to get ideas on how everyone uses their Stowey Joey!

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