It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.

My father can fix anything.

My brother can build anything.

My sister can make beautiful art.

My husband can figure out how to make anything work.

I…. know them.

I do not have an affinity for fixing of things, carrying things, painting things, moving things, changing things. Anything that has anything to do with being handy or mechanical, it’s not my thing. It’s not just in a “I don’t fix it” type of way but it’s in a “I don’t even notice it” type of way. We once started a family bike ride and made it all the way down our super short driveway before The Man with a Plan made everyone stop because, “Mommy hasn’t noticed her front wheel is about to fall off” or some nonsense like that. The Man with the Plan also likes to drive my car every once in a while. I mean, I forget to tell him that the check engine light is on for a few months ONE TIME and it’s a big deal. Whatever.

A few months after we bought our Charleston house, I decided I wanted to paint the bathroom. When I told The Man, he said it was the end of the sales quarter and he didn’t have time to paint that week. I told him don’t worry, I will do it all, he won’t even notice it’s getting done. He hesitated and made me promise to ONLY paint, nothing else. Naturally, I was offended!! I can handle paint, come on. How hard is it to paint??

Turns out, it’s not that hard. Painting is easy. The prep work however is a bit time-consuming. I started taping and removing random screws and nails that the previous owners had left. I may have accidentally removed them incorrectly. So what?? A few tiny little holes.

And hammer indentations. It happens.


Then, because I Pinterest I know that I can take the plain, boring mirror on the wall and frame it super easy! Plus, I wanted to paint behind the mirror in case I got approval for framing the mirror. Which, I would do all by myself so I didn’t add any extra work onto my already super busy Man with a Plan. I wasn’t breaking any rules because I was only doing painting prep still. Everybody wins!

Okay, so that’s where things sorta got away from me. You see what happens is, I want to make things easier for my husband. So I try to surprise him by doing things myself. It’s because I’m thoughtful and considerate of his time. But the thing is, mirrors are heavy.

Like, real heavy.

Shopvac for easy glass clean up!

Especially the big ones that are glued to the wall. Here’s a fun tip for you, it’s not a one person job. My bad.

Also, if you ever want to send my loving, understanding husband into a panic, send him a text that says, “Alright don’t be mad. Everyone is ok but I think I broke it.” Then, get distracted and don’t send a picture for a while. He’s not a fan of those kind of texts. I say those kinds of texts because it isn’t the only time I’ve sent one.

Enter today’s brilliant idea!

We have one TV, two adults, and two kids in our house. Most of the time, it’s a non-issue but it’s also football season. Even I have started to pay attention to the football show. We’re in Texas now, I need the small talk. Plus, I swear that this is the year the Detroit Lions are going to the Superbowl or what I like to call the Football Show Season Finale. More on that later….

Anyway, back to it.

We have one TV. Today, I had the brilliant idea of getting the kids an old garbage TV for upstairs. We have a ton of DVDs and a DVD player that literally is sitting and collecting dust because I Don’t Clean Right and I Don’t Want to.

I decided an old, cheap one because it will be upstairs when we aren’t, and who cares if the kids break it? I went on a Goodwill hunt and hit the jackpot! A giant old 600 gazillion pound TV and TV stand… all for $20!! I was so excited. Plus, it was a good chance to surprise my hard-working husband! So all by myself, I got everything loaded, home, and unloaded, LIKE A BOSS. I get them inside and start bleaching them, because, you know, Goodwill. I scrub and get everything sanitized to my liking and decide to surprise The Man even more by taking everything upstairs.

This is where things start to get away from me, again.

Everything is going according to plan until it’s time to execute the actual plan. I pick the up the “new” entertainment center, walk three feet, and it the bottom half drops to the floor. I’m standing, barefoot of course, holding the top, staring at it in shock.


I do the only thing I can think of. I send the Boy upstairs, tiptoe away to get shoes on and grab my phone to start my text.

“Hello, greatest husband in the world. Listen, don’t be mad, everyone is ok but… I think I broke it.”

He confirmed everyone was ok and went on with his day… Because this isn’t something unusual in his life anymore. In fact, he was excited about the TV and asked if he should order an extra fire-stick from Amazon. I told him no way!! The kids don’t need that, they will be just fine with a DVD player! Also, the TV is so old it doesn’t have a HDMI hook-up so he is going to need to find some type of cable to make the DVD player compatible when he gets home. I’m starting to notice that all my DIY surprises add so much extra work for him.

It’s only a matter of time before he takes away my “I did something to help you” privileges.

Just like he took away my power tool privileges.

I lost those after trying to screen in the back porch.


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