I’m backkkkkkk!

I took a break y’all.

Well, here’s what really happened.

Thanksgiving hit, then Sweet Girl’s birthday weekend, then The Man’s work holiday party (that “we” hosted IN OUR HOUSE), then Christmas, then New Year, then, then, then… You all know how it goes.

But then something bigger happened to me. I dropped my social media usage dramatically and found myself busier and happier than usual. I continued to write this crazy blog but never finished any posts and found myself thinking, “what’s the point?”

The main reason I quit the social media world was, I don’t care what people are saying. I want to see funny pictures of puppies and adorable pictures of babies. But the political ramblings and arguments on facebook were driving me crazy. Why should I care about what my third-cousin-six-times-removed-best-friend’s-sister’s-boyfriend has to say about anything! Furthermore, why am I even facebook friends with my third-cousin-six-times-removed-best-friend’s-sister’s-boyfriend?? They broke up eight years ago and I only met the dude once at a birthday party for a dog.

I gotta get a better screening process.

Here’s a quick distraction: Get over yourself, facebook. I don’t care how many times my Google spell check underlines you in red squiggles, you ain’t getting a capitalized F. You will remain lowercase “f” where you belong. My Google however, will always get the capital “G” because it works hard for me…. And I’m secretly scared to upset Google since we all know that it creepy spies on everyone and I want to remain in it’s good graces when it finally takes over the entire world. When, not if.


My realization that I don’t care what these people have to say sent me into a downward spiral of self reflection. I thought again, I’m not an expert in anything!


I can’t concentrate long enough to get an entire blog post out without something distracting me. So I quit. Wasn’t too long before I missed writing out my ridiculous thoughts. They have to escape the madness of my mind somehow!

So I’m back. I’m embracing my inner Millennial. I’m putting all my thoughts and opinions out into the world as facts. No sources. No expertise in any field. I will loudly proclaim anything I want, anywhere I want, however I want. I will ruin any industry I deem fit!

If you haven’t watched The Newsroom on HBO, go do it.


I’m a millennial, I can do that.

I’m thinking I might need a snack first.

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