Things Grown-ups can learn from watching youth sports.

Life can be tough and mean. Let's all take a moment and try to remember what it's like to have a child's innocence. And their snacks.


Our First Taste of Life on the Coast

I did it. I left everyone and every safety net behind and moved to the coast. We ended up in Bluffton, SC which is just over the bridge of Hilton Head Island so we weren't ON the Atlantic coast but we were on a coast of some type. We rented a cute little ranch style…

I started working out again!

Like it even needs to be said, I have had exactly zero hours of medical training. I'm not a dietitian, personal trainer, nutritionist, or any kind of expert in anything. If you walk away from reading this thinking, I should do what she does.... You only have yourself to blame. Well, let me back up a…